Dear Reader,

We are the Lions’ Den, Greensburg Salem’s editorial press, and we believe in the power of journalism.

Since Gutenberg’s printing press, the press has evolved from a luxury to a consumer norm, backed by a massive, ever-expanding media industry. Compared to Gutenberg’s age, today we are saturated by the media, and there’s recently been a lot of talk about which news is real and which must be fake. That’s an important conversation to have, because the core of journalism has always been about delivering the story, the details, and most importantly, the truth, to the people.

This is what we’re all about here at the Lions’ Den: the truth, the story, the details (in that order). You may be surprised how many stories, big and small, happen inside your school walls. The Lions’ Den’s mission is to use the power of journalism to tell you these stories, and show you what makes Greensburg Salem, and you, dear reader, a piece of the world.

Read on.


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