To Future Editors…

When you see closing letters on other blogs, final pieces by renowned columnists, or sign-off broadcasts by retiring radio hosts, they usually address their vast audience, talking about their fondest memories and greatest achievements before one last farewell.

But that really wouldn’t make much sense for me. My readership is nonexistent now, and if this site continues to exist in its current form, most readers will likely be future students looking back on the history of the school or the history of the site. Addressing this letter to the present with respect to the past wouldn’t make much sense, now would it?

So, I decided that instead of a farewell letter, I would write to you future editors of  The Lions Den. Mr. Lenzi tells me that, regardless of whether the editors of the paper will make physical copies or not, from this point forward, this site will serve as home to every article written.

As of now: June 1, 2018, is in its fetal stage, but it has potential, and there are two things that can actualize it. Those things are love and money. With dedication and love from a team of people, maybe an assigned photographer and thorough team of student editors (I’m sorry, Mr. Lenzi) along with a little bit of cash to buy things like video features could really make this site shine.

Some of the ideas I had with the current site that I never followed through on include:

  • Updating the site’s homepage with seasonal photos
  • Recording the scores of sports games in a separate widget
  • Pairing articles with photo galleries
  • Animated charts
  • Making a custom icon for the site tab

Though these things in themselves would certainly take some work, and I would be thrilled to see a loving team do these things and also incorporate their own creative preferences. I’m sure one of you future editors will realize an idea that I wasn’t able to because (A) I am but one man, (B) I’m lazy and (C) I am limited by the current version of the WordPress engine.

All in all, though I didn’t publish nearly as many articles as I was told to, and not nearly as many as I wanted myself to, and though I sometimes dreaded coming to first block in the morning and handing in my articles just to see I made the same mistakes made over and over again, I’m really fond of this, and I sure do hope that you, dear future editor, will be too.





Julius N. McBride

First Digital Editor

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