Deck the halls with video calls

By: Sierra Hauer

   As Covid-19 cases rise this holiday season, families must think outside the box to safely spend time with each other.

Decorating inside with family is a safe way to introduce the holiday spirit. Photo by: Sierra Hauer

   Thanks to technology, spending time with family is more accessible than ever. In order to avoid any risks of spreading the virus, family members of all ages and in all areas can video call one another.

   “We have been using Zoom in my family,” art teacher Mrs. Kelley Audia said. “We used it to celebrate Thanksgiving. I was with my immediate family and we video-called people.”

   Staying at home with just immediate family can greatly reduce the risk of catching or spreading Covid-19. Even though some people might not prefer video calls, it is one option to keep in contact with others.

   “I don’t like video calls, but it is better than nothing,” junior Evelyn Swanson said. “I’m glad that since we can’t visit, we can at least see each other and talk.”

   Many families have had to adapt the way they celebrate this year and Zoom makes a good alternative for meeting in person. They can stay at home and do similar activities, like watch movies, listen to Christmas music or bake cookies.

   “Because we can’t do our normal traditions for Christmas, Zoom calls and Facetime become the next best thing,” sophomore Glenn Willcox said.

   Video calling and social distancing have also provided a way to somewhat preserve old traditions.

   “We are doing everything that we usually do that we can do at home,” Swanson said. “We have been decorating, painting ornaments and baking.”

Baking cookies is a safe and easy way to bring joy this holiday season. Photo by: Sierra Hauer

   New traditions have also had the opportunity to arise.

   “We’ve had a lot of campfires and been outside a lot,” Mrs. Audia said. “That’s been a tradition that we’ve started doing this year because we can be socially distanced and not have to bring everyone inside.”

   If families are planning to get together during the holidays this year, there are many things that they can do to minimize the risk of contracting the virus.

   “If people plan to visit their loved ones this year, I think that they should wear masks and try not to stay long,” Audia said.

   Overall, there are many ways that people can interact with loved ones without endangering anyone.

   “I just hope that everyone is careful and does their part to keep the community safe,” Audia said.

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