Black History Month Announcements Seek to Inform Students About Notable Figures

By: Ryan Burkart

Celebrating Black History Month through daily announcements, one motivated GS student used her voice to bring awareness to the struggles people of color have endured in America. 

Junior Geneva Brookins spoke on the announcements about Black History and the progress that America has made and how it got here. Figures like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks protested and fought for America to get where it is today. 

“I talk about the African Americans who made changes in America,” Brookins said.

Geneva Brookins stands proudly after inspiring students with announcements during Black History Month (Photo by: Ryan Burkart).

 She spread awareness of things the Black community has gone through daily, and what they’re still going through. She also spread knowledge of things that happened in the past. 

“There are so many uneducated people out there,” she said. 

Brookins believes people should be educated on this topic. 

Principal Mr. David Zilli supported Brookins’ beliefs and the way she celebrated Black History Month. 

“I applaud Geneva’s passion and leadership in planning for and presenting the information for the announcement,” Mr. Zilli said. 

Administrators talked about ways to celebrate Black History Month, but a student came to them with the idea. 

“We discussed as an administrative team, ways to celebrate Black History Month, but Geneva also approached Mrs. Kapusta with her own idea,” Zilli said. “Leadership driven by students is always the best.” 

Zilli feels strongly about Black history. 

“It’s an opportunity to celebrate history, but also an opportunity to take leadership in our school and community,” he said. “It is important that we celebrate the accomplishments of African Americans during this month. Although February is Black History Month, it would be wonderful to showcase the accomplishments of individuals all year round.” 

Kyrel Vuletich, a sophomore at GS, is interested in Black History and likes to spread awareness. He liked the announcements that were going on and felt it was the right way to let people know. 

 “I believe Black History Month is to educate people on Black History,” Vuletich said. “It is a good way to celebrate the accomplishments of African Americans.” 

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