Student Council Association

By Emma Helmick

Students scramble to grab their brown and gold gear and head to every school event SCA has planned.

Student Council Association is a club that represents the student body. SCA organizes some of the school affiliated activities for all students and sometimes families.

The senior class of 2023 celebrates their win at the pep rally. Photo credit: SCA Instagram.

“We plan events throughout the year and participate in various community and service events,” SCA co-advisor Mr. Christopher Gazze said.

The group sets events up including the homecoming bonfire, Mr. GS, powderpuff, prom and more. The members put in time to create occasions where everyone can come together to socialize and have a good time.

“I am hoping that this year we can get the elementary schools more involved in Student Council events,” senior Rachel O’Bryan, Student Council President, said. “After all, the elementary students will take the place of high school students, so we want to positively influence the kids the best way we can.”

SCA comes together to plans things for the school’s students and staff, but also the community. They find different ways to include the whole district to help the younger kids get more involved with the school.

The whole community is involved at events like the homecoming bonfire. Photo credit: SCA Instagram.

“Student Council is always looking for new ideas and activities to add to the calendar,” SCA co-advisor Mrs. Sue Glowa said.  “It is a club that plans events and activities for the whole student body.”

It impacts the students who the events are being planned for, but it impacts the members as well.

“Just join it,” senior Lilly Gatons, Senior Class Secretary, said. “Signing up will not hurt. If you do not want to end up participating in events, you do not have to, but IT truly will improve your high school experience.”

The students have a voice this way and a say in what activities their classmates will take part in.

“Overall SCA is just a way to get every grade and even community members involved with the school,” Gatons said.

SCA is responsible for making most of social occasions that bring this school together.

“When I leave Greensburg Salem, I hope to leave the school knowing I left a positive influence,” O’Bryan said.

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