Let’s BeReal

By Emma Helmick

Alert! Students only have two minutes left to take their BeReal and stop class.

BeReal is a new social media app that sends a notification at a random time in the day. It has a two-minute timer and no filters to remain authentic.

“The BeReal app is a way to communicate with friends through pictures,” freshman Izabella Caruso said, “It is a way to see what your friends are doing and to interact with them and even people all around the world.”

The notification is the same time for everyone, but it can be sent at any point of the day.

“I think it is just a fun app and doesn’t take the time to satisfy like Instagram or TikTok,” junior Drezden Gesalman said.

On different social medias people only post what is good in their lives. BeReal shows what people’s everyday life actually looks like at a random time.  

“I would say hundreds or maybe even thousands of teens are on this social media app around the world,” Caruso said. “While scrolling through suggested friends I see tons of different people, all with different locations.”

Everyone has a friends list with people they can accept or decline, however there is also a discovery page which has millions of people who can be reacted to or friended.

Because of BeReal’s random timing, it can become a distraction at work or school.

“I think its disruptive the same way cell phones are,” U.S Government and Politics teacher Mr. Nicholas Diehl said.  “Kids are addicted to their phones, and it becomes disruptive because you’re supposed to take it right then and there.”

If someone’s picture is not taken within the two-minutes, it is considered late, which gives people the determination to stop and take their picture no matter where they are.

“I definitely think this app is a distraction in class,” Caruso said. “I remember when the app first came out and all I would hear is, ‘Look the BeReal went off’ or ‘We have to take our BeReal.’ I can even say I have gotten distracted when it went off during class and wanted to take mine.”

The notification can become a temptation for kids and sometimes can just give them another reason to be on their phones in school.

“I think it is a very positive app,” Gesalman said. “You can react to other people’s posts, but honestly it is more about seeing just what your friends are up to at the time.”

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