A New Year

By Luke Dinkel

Drawing by Emily Frazier.

According to Britannica, the celebration of New Year’s dates back to 2000 BC in Babylonia, which is located in modern day Iraq. The first new moon following the vernal equinox which occurs in late March with an equal amount of sunlight and darkness indicated the start of a new year.

Travelling over New Year’s break is a common tradition for families across the country.

“We’re never home for New Year’s,” junior Kason Tai said. “We’ve gone all across the world to places like Boston, Malaysia and Kansas. When we were in Malaysia, we celebrated New Year’s a day earlier than we would have back in Greensburg since the time zone is a day ahead.”

Other cultures celebrate their own holiday, such as Lunar New Year, which is better known as Chinese New Year.

“Malaysia celebrates Chinese New Year’s too,” Tai said. “I don’t remember it very well, but my dad said they have a huge celebration in the town center. They also have a giant dragon, which apparently symbolizes power, strength and good luck.”

The Times Square Ball Drop is a common thing for most Americans to watch on tv the night of New Year’s Eve.

“Usually, our family gets together with several family friends on New Year’s Eve,” science teacher Mrs. Tammy Elliot said. “Sometimes we go bowling in the afternoon and then we get together at our house or sometimes another family’s house. We like to talk, eat and play games until midnight when we watch the ball drop on tv.”

Sporting events such as the Peach Bowl occur every year on New Year’s Eve.

“I’ll go out with a couple of friends and after we’ll get together at someone’s house, either mine or theirs,” junior Noah DeMary said. “We’ll turn on whatever college team is playing and order a bunch of food.”

Today, the New Year is celebrated in different ways all around the world, but here in the small town of Greensburg, celebrations range from drinking champagne to setting off fireworks.

“I usually spend New Year’s with my family and friends,” junior Leah Kaylor said. “It’s a tradition in my family to watch the ball drop at midnight, but honestly, I’m lucky if I’m able to stay up to see it. When I spend New Year’s with my friends, it makes it easier to stay up.”

Many view New Year’s as a fresh start, which is where the tradition to make a New Year’s resolution came from.

“Every year my friends and I each make New Year’s resolution,” Kaylor said. “If I’m being honest, I usually forget about mine after the first month. I get upset whenever I remember and realize I haven’t done anything to commit to my resolution. This year I’m definitely going to try to commit, because whenever you accomplish your goal, it is one of the greatest feelings.”

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