A Warm Meal with a Touch of Art

By Ksena Spencer

Eden Wilson and Neela Narrison serving soup to the guests. Photo courtesy: Ella Henry.

As the weather gets cold again, hot soup was provided at GS’ Souper Bowl night.

Senior Ella Petrosky helped to organize and put together Souper Bowl night as her senior project. Petrosky took an interest in this idea when she and pottery teacher Mrs. Kelley Audia talked last year about making this idea into an actual event.

“I went into the Pottery 1 classes and taught them how to make what’s called a slab bowl and helped construct them,” Petrosky said.

This event was a fundraiser in which soup was sold. For every cup of soup purchased, people got to take a homemade bowl made from pottery classes in GS.

At the same time as the Souper Bowl, the annual AP Art Show also took place. It has been an annual tradition held in the library at GS. This year it marks the 15th anniversary of the display.

A view of some of the exhibits for the AP art show. Photo by Emily Frazier.

“My AP Art class exhibits their entire art portfolio which contains a concentration series- as well as their best work created throughout their high school career,” Mrs. Audia said.

People throughout GS’ community and parents of the students who have art displayed in the art show were able to see the exhibits and buy bowls made by other pottery classes.

Soup was sold for $6 and anyone who bought soup received a handmade bowl to take home.

The money raised from Souper Bowl night went to GS’ The Giving Tree.

Panera baguettes were also served alongside the soup. Photo by Emily Frazier.
Behind the counter of the serving area. Photo courtesy: Ella Henry.

The event only had 50 bowls and 50 servings of donated soup from Panera Bread.

The bowls donated to this event varied in colors, shapes, patterns, designs and other materials.

“The pottery classes made different bowls with beautiful designs to sell at this event,” senior Sejah Franklin said.

Mrs. Audia estimated 10 bowls were made by last year’s pottery class, 10 were made by her and the last 30 were made by this year’s Pottery 1 class.

FCCLA organized getting the soup and volunteered alongside the Art Honors Society in running this event. They distributed soup and sold the handmade bowls.

“I’m hoping to gain some more [publicity for] our FCCLA club in the high school and get our name out there so people know that we are willing to help wherever we can,” Franklin said.

The Souper Bowl was an opportunity for people in the GS community to get together and enjoy talents from art students as well as raise money for the Giving Tree.

“Souper Bowl is an event that brings people together,” Franklin said.

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