Who Will Be Crowned Mr. GS?

by Leah Kaylor

Mr. Congeniality Gibby Prikoszvich, Fan Favorite Ethan Wilson and Mr. GS Cole Willcox (From left to right). Photo submitted by: Ethan Wilson

The guys battled it out in hopes that their charm and humor would catch the audience’s eye, but only one took home the title of being Mr. GS. 

“I wanted to be in Mr. GS because I saw it in previous years and it looked like such a good time,” senior Cole Willcox said.  

Willcox took the time outside of school to practice his own act and the dances the guys had been practicing as a group. 

Senior Evan Malie focused on his talent act where he read a poem to the audience about his dream experience at GS. 

“I enjoyed watching my brother Liam Malie who won Mr. GS last year by singing a song, so I definitely had to step it up,” Malie said.  

Senior Gabriel Prikoszovich, a foreign exchange student from Austria, grabbed the audience’s attention with stories of his encounters so far.  

“I thought it would be a fun experience and I looked forward to telling a story about my experience in America,” Prikoszovich said.  

Mr. GS took place on March 9th in the school auditorium with this year’s theme being Survivor, inspired by the popular TV show.  

“This is our 5th Mr. GS, and I looked forward to it because of the excitement it brings the audience,” Physics Teacher Mr. Christopher Gazze said.  

Mr. Gazze looked to bring a new event into the school, and discovered another district performing something similar on YouTube. 

“I think Mr. GS is such an entertaining thing, not only for the students, but for the parents,” High School Co-Principal Mr. Adam Jones said. “We will definitely be continuing Mr. GS because of the joy and excitement it brings to the students and audience.” 

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