Upcoming Events in May

by: Theresa Schuetz

Markquee outside of the High school that lists important events: Photo by: Theresa Schuetz

May is GS’ last full month of school with many important deadlines or exciting events lining the month’s days. 

Many students will be entering summer vacation without looking back; however, seniors may find it hard to leave without doing so. Senior projects are being presented on May 5th, marking the end of many seniors’ journey at GS. 

“Senior projects are our first real experience of anything that will be remotely close to anything you’re going to do when you graduate here,” Mrs. Jackie Yuhas said. 

Senior projects aren’t the only things happening this May that help shape students’ futures; scattered throughout May are the AP tests for students who are striving to get college credits during high school. 

“I hope to do well and get credits for it (APUSH),” sophomore Alice Wilkinson said. 

May is also filled with many fun things that are celebrated outside of school, such as Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. 

GS’ annual Culture Day arrives shortly after Cinco de Mayo. Culture Day is used to educate students on French and Spanish culture who don’t take a language and some elementary students who come to the high school as well.  

“Culture Day is really a great day for our students to take pride in what they learn in class, but also a way for them to connect what they do in class to something they’re passionate about outside in their own personal lives,” French teacher Madame Stephanie Grace said. 

Following culture day closely is Prom. Students spend months picking out clothing, shoes, makeup, hair and flowers to prepare for the formal dance. Many are excited over the whimsical enchanted garden theme of this year’s Prom which was suggested by current seniors last year.  

“I honestly love this year’s theme; I think it was a great idea and I’m excited to see how it will look,” sophomore Greta Hagofsky said. 

Due to senior project day, prom, and Memorial Day, students will have three days off school this month, leaving only 21 days left of school as of May 4th

“I was able to meet some really amazing teachers this year and make some new friends, but I’m excited for summer break,” sophomore Shaniah Wills said. 

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