Summer In Greensburg

by: Theresa Schuetz

St. Clair Park entrance. Photo by: Theresa Schuetz

Summer is approaching quickly and Greensburg has many events and places for people to spend those hot days.

Ice cream is the perfect summer treat that many use to cool down on sunny days. Greensburg has three main ice cream shops, Dairy Queen, The Meadows and Cold Stone Creamery. Each offers its own twist on ice cream that offers relief from hot weather.

“I like to get ice cream from Dairy Queen,” senior Madison Krofcheck said.

Greensburg usually kicks off the summer spirit with Community Days which are held at Lynch Field on Memorial Day weekend. The event is perfect for families and teenagers to feel the summer spirit and realize how close summer really is. However, due to renovations happening this year to the Kirk S. Nevin Arena, Community Days have been canceled.

Although Community Days are canceled, Greensburg’s volunteer firefighters will be holding a one-day “Party in the Park” at St. Clair Park with free admission on May 27th from 1-9 pm.

“I’m bummed it’s canceled because I feel like it’s a start to summer,” sophomore Anna Shevchik said.

St. Clair Park also starts Music in the Park each Friday in the summer. St. Clair has stands that are set up with food and some merchandise that guests can buy.

“I love all the summer sounds concerts at St. Clair Park; I think that’s one of the coolest things that we do in this town,” Art teacher Mr. Darryl Audia said.

Greensburg also starts off the summer with night markets that start in April and end in December. The market has a lot of different types of vendors to interest a wide variety of people and many kinds of food to choose from. The market takes place in downtown Greensburg and is held May 25th, June 22nd, July 27th, August 31st, October 26th, November 15th and December 14th of this year.

“I like looking at all the different booths that are at the Night Markets,” sophomore Abigale Lauffer said.

Westmoreland County itself also holds a large variety of events in the summer to bring communities together.  Westmoreland County has announced that this year’s Arts and Heritage Festival is celebrating its 49th year of operation. This festival takes place annually and is held at Twin Lakes this year from June 29th to July 2nd.

“I really like the different art stands, there was a crochet and pottery one when I went that I liked,” Lauffer said.

Westmoreland County also holds the Westmoreland Fair towards the end of summer and this year is no different. The Westmoreland County Fair features games, rides, animals and food from August 18th to the 26th. Even though the events do not change, people from all over the County gather to have fun.

“I like to go on rides and walk around with friends at the Fair,” Shevchik said.

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