Homecoming season is just around the corner

by Emily Frazier

With a bonfire, spirit week and pep rally approaching, GS is in for some fun.

In honor of Homecoming, many activities will be taking place, welcoming back alumni and bringing the community together at the same time.

It’s a time when “students can get away” and “socialize and have fun” GS alumna and last year’s Homecoming Queen Angela Kobuck said.

Every year, high schools across the country nominate a Homecoming Court and eventually vote for a Queen.

“The senior class does an outstanding job of nominating the Court,” SCA Sponsor Mr. Christopher Gazze said.

The 2022 Homecoming Court posing together. From left to right: Paige Storkel, Sejah Franklin, Liz Houston, Gabby Sheffler, Ellie Miller, Rachel O’Bryan, and Lily Gatons. Photo Courtesy: Mr. Gazze.

Each girl who is nominated is a “good representative of what a Greensburg Salem student should be,” Gazze said.

Girls on the Court are usually heavily involved in the school and are all-around inviting people.

“Most, if not all, the girls were extremely kind to me at one point,” Kobuck said. “Whether that was helping me with sports or classes, or simply saying ‘hello’ in the hallways at school.”

Having a senior Homecoming Queen sets an example for the underclassmen.

“It encourages students [and shows] who has made an impact,” 2022 Homecoming nominee Sejah Franklin said.

Every girl on the Court this year has been involved in some way.

“You want people to be involved,” Mr. Gazze said. “I think it’s a good opportunity for the underclassmen to look up to them.”

To celebrate this tradition, the week of September 19-23 holds SCA-run activities leading up to the big football game.

“Homecoming brings a lot of people together,” Franklin said.

The first activity is Spirit Week, when students can dress up based on the theme for each day. Past themes include pajama day and decades day. Winners are chosen at the end of each day.

“We look based on participation, like who went all out that day,” SCA Senior Class President Keegan Murtha said.

Wednesday, September 21, there will be a bonfire in the high school’s gravel parking lot. Food, drinks, yard games, contests, music, club booths, an inflatable obstacle course, a meet and greet with varsity athletes and an appearance by the marching band and cheerleaders will be at the bonfire according to SCA’s monthly newsletter, which can be found on their Linktree.

On the day of the game, there will be a pep rally during school.

Murtha said that not only will there be performances by the marching band and cheerleaders, but there will also be “something that the crowd can get involved in.”

In the past, class competitions, relay races and an obstacle course took place for the students.

“The band and the cheerleaders knew how to fill the student body with energy and excitement,” Kobuck said. “After each pep rally, I couldn’t wait for Friday night lights.”

At the game, there will be a parade down Main Street featuring the Homecoming Court and alumni alongside the current marching band and cheerleaders.

Homecoming Court set for a photo in the courtyard. From left to right: Ellie Miller, Rachel O’Bryan, Paige Storkel, Lily Gatons, Sejah Franklin, Liz Houston, and Gabby Sheffler. Photo Courtesy: Mr. Gazze.

“The crowd’s always a lot bigger for homecoming week,” Gazze said. “Everyone wants to go down and see the convertibles.”

Alumni will flood the stands, catching up with family and friends.

“Having the opportunity to go back is cool especially when you can see people that you knew from school,” he said.

At halftime, there will be a ceremony where the Homecoming Queen is announced.

“I cannot wait and I am so excited for all of the girls on the Court,” Kobuck said.

One thing that isn’t making a return again this year is the Homecoming Dance. For the past two years, there has not been a dance due to Covid-19 restrictions, but this year is different.

“[The] SCA executive committee collectively decided [not to have a dance this year],” Gazze said.

He claimed there had not been enough attendance or excitement for the dance recently, and the students believe the Winter Dance is more worthwhile.

On the contrary, Franklin said the Homecoming Dance was a fun way to “bring the whole school together.”

Because of the festivities traditionally held for Homecoming, this time of year is one of the best times for the students and community.

“Fall’s just getting started,” Gazze said. “I think it’s just really that time of year when people like to get together and do outdoor activities.”

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