The Impact GS Threads is Making

by Ksena Spencer

Donated items of clothing flood the racks of GS Threads as the school advertises free clothing for all students.

GS Threads is a program run by the National Honor Society to help students have the opportunity to get clothing donated mainly by families from GS for free.

“New clothes can be very expensive and impact the environment using water and electricity, so the reuse of clothing makes so much sense,” NHS sponsor Mrs. Cheryl Harper said.

Providing students with free clothing that will be reused benefits the environment as well as the kids who take items from GS Threads. According to Sustainability ( making one pair of jeans produces the same amount of greenhouse gases as driving a car more than 69 miles. Recycling clothing by donating them to programs like GS Threads contributes to the earth’s environment in a helpful way.

“Last week, in four days, over 90 items were taken,” Mrs. Harper said. “I’d say typically it is at least 10 items per day.”

GS Threads maintains clothing racks full of donated items such as pants, jackets, short sleeves, tank tops, dresses and sweats. Along with clothing, GS Threads offers hats, belts, shoes and other accessories, that are available for any and all students to stop by and take.

“It’s also just fun for people who enjoy thrifting or might need a certain piece of clothing for a theme,” senior Kayla Wright said.

Members of the GS community donate articles of clothing or items that could be reused to help GS Threads succeed.

Harper explained that every reused item that is donated makes quite the impact.

Thousands of kids struggle with coming to school due to the lack of clothing accessible to them or the quality of their clothes. Having poor quality clothing may be why some students don’t come into school if they only have a few good shirts and pants to wear.

“I think that GS Threads does make a difference,” senior Elizabeth Houston said. “It’s a way to help our school community by providing free clothing when people need it.”

Students who struggle with these kinds of disadvantages may not want to admit that they need help. GS Threads is a great way to help all students. This program is also useful for when a student has some type of accident regarding their clothing, whether that is a rip or stain. Students can easily grab something to change into without being embarrassed or worried about their clothing.

“I love seeing people smile when they find an item that they love,” Harper said.

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