Taylor Swift fans are disappointed

by Emma Helmick

Swifties prepared to battle their competition trying to purchase concert tickets to see the “Mastermind” behind it all.

Ticketmaster organized a presale for people to sign up for because Taylor Swift has such a huge following. But when the time came to actually buy the tickets, fans were faced with some serious complications.

“Over the years I feel like Taylor has really blown up, which makes sense of all the chaos coming from these concerts and because her most recent tour was in 2018, fans are more eager to see her,” sophomore Lily Slavnik said.

Since her “Reputation” tour, Swift has had four albums come out, but because of Covid-19 she has not toured for any of these until now. She is doing an all-Eras tour to make up for what she and her fans lost.

“It took 4.5 hours,” Classroom Instructional Assistant Mrs. Leisa Ecklund said. “It was worth it.”

The people who ended up getting tickets still had to wait for hours and some people had to pay unreasonable amounts.

“I am upset because I signed up for the presale and got confirmed, but when my pap went to buy tickets for me, he had to sit at his computer for 6 hours and ended up not even being able to get them,” Slavnik said.

Over 14 million people tried to get tickets for these concerts, but about 15% of these people had complications with the website.

“I think that buying Taylor Swift tickets is chaotic because she has such a big fanbase,” junior Alexa George said. “If you want to buy a ticket, you are fighting with millions of people and that can be a challenge.”

Even though Swift plays shows in stadiums, buying tickets can still be really tough.

“My mom had to wait in the queue for 6 hours before the line started to move,” George said. “When she first joined the queue, she was 2000+ in line.”

Brianna Campagna waits in the queue for Taylor Swift tickets. Photo by Brianna Campagna.

Since all this madness, Swift spoke out by putting a message on her Instagram story saying she is “Extremely protective” of her fans and that “There are a multitude of reasons” why some of her fans could not receive tickets.

2.4 million people ended up with tickets so far, but there were people buying them just to resell for a lot more than they were originally sold for.

“The cost and time are worth it,” George said. “I think that this will be one of Taylor’s best tours.”

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