Tutich named PIHL Player of the Month

by Luke Dinkel

Owen Tutich playing an ice hockey game at Kirk S. Nevin Arena. Photo by Cameron Caretti.

Senior Owen Tutich has been selected as one of the PIHL players of the month. Tutich is a 2-time PIHL All-Star and led the GS Varsity Hockey Team in points in the 2021-22 season with 25 goals and 20 assists (25-20-40) in 19 games played.

The reason Tutich is always considered for these awards is due to how he stands out on the ice.

“He can play the game any way,” Head Coach Cory Mentch said. “If you’re a defenseman he can beat you with speed or finesse or grit.  If you’re a goaltender, you might get the puck put over your shoulder from the top of the circle or you might get backed into your net and danced.  If you’re a forward in a board battle, good luck.”

 Whether it’s on the ice or in the gym, Tutich isn’t afraid to put in extra work.

“There are many reasons that he stands out so much on the ice,” junior Noah Outly said. “The biggest thing that makes him stand out is his hard work he puts in.”

Despite the skill that he has, Tutich is always working to get better.

“He never misses a practice and never takes a drill off,” Outly said. “The work he does off the ice has a big part too. He’s constantly in the gym, working to get stronger. What makes him stand out during games is how well he knows the game and how fast he is.”

Tutich already has plans to continue his hockey career after high school.

“There are a couple different paths that I could take to play hockey after high school,” Tutich said. “One option would be to go straight to a college next year and try out for the team of the college I go to. Another option is to play in a junior league, which will mean taking a gap year to play hockey if a team were to contact me.”

With leadership comes responsibility, and Tutich never shies away from either.

“He’s a hard-nosed, tough kid,” Athletic Director Mr. Frank Sundry said. “He possesses the skills needed to score goals, but more importantly he’s that leader that every team needs. His leadership is what is driving this team to their early success, and I think it’s exactly what the team needs to achieve their ultimate goal of winning the Penguins’ Cup.”

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