New Teachers Added to the Roster for GS High School

by Luke Shevchik

Mr. Braden Hoffer stands in his room. Photo by: Luke Shevchik

As the second semester has gotten going, the four new teachers at GS seem to have settled in. 

These four new teachers took a job at GS in the fall of the 2022-2023 school year. 

“When we hire somebody, we have a very structured interview process and questions to ensure it aligns with our district beliefs,” GS High School Principal Mr. David Zilli said. 

The four new teachers are as follows: Mr. Tyler Brinton, who teaches business classes including marketing and entrepreneurship; Mr. Lou Downey, who teaches Accounting, Financial Literacy and Freshman Seminar; Mr. Braden Hoffer, who teaches English 12, English 9 and Creative Writing; and Mr. Scott Shirey, who teaches geometry and Math for Trades. 

Mr. Tyler Brinton stands in front of a locker in the business wing. Photo by: Luke Shevchik

“I’m an Alumni, I graduated from here,“  Mr. Brinton said. “It was always my goal to teach here and give back to my community.”   

Brinton grew up and attended GS, where he was inspired by the teachers to continue his studies in the education field. 

“He’s a good teacher, understanding and passionate about his job,” senior Riley Burkholder said. 

While Brinton teaches business classes, next door in accounting and financial literacy is Mr. Downey. 

Mr. Lou Downey poses for a picture. Photo by: Luke Shevchik

“I mostly enjoy the people at GS,” Downey said. “I remember a lot of students from my days at the elementary school and I know a lot of the staff from my student teaching and substitute teaching here at the high school.” 

He taught at Greater Latrobe for three years, but also taught at Nicely and Metzger elementary schools for two years as a long-term substitute. This is his first year at the high school.  

“He’s a very relatable guy, knows how to make his class enjoyable and interesting,” junior Kenzie Span said. 

Downey takes part in teaching multiple classes like Mr. Hoffer, who also teaches three different classes at once.  

“Some of the positives I have experienced so far during my time here would include a high involvement,” Hoffer said. “It seems, at least for me and many of my seniors last semester, there was a lot of involvement in extracurriculars, which can certainly have an impact on student achievement and school pride.” 

Hoffer went to college at St. Vincent and graduated in 2017. He wanted to return to the Greenburg area because this is where most of his family and friends live. 

“He was thrown into a tough situation and handled it well,” senior Patrick Galvin said. 

Mr. Scott Shirey stands in his classroom. Photo by: Luke Shevchik

While Hoffer replaced a long-term sub, Mr. Shirey replaced Mrs. Gibbon. 

“I like the more mature students; the admin is very present and supportive compared to my last school,” he said. “I do plan on staying at GS for the foreseeable future.” 

Before coming to GS, Shirey taught in Manassas, Virginia for nine years as a middle school teacher. He moved to Pennsylvania to be closer to family and soon got a job at GS.  

GS has been continuing to bring in fresh staff as there are a lot of positions to be filled in the education field. 

“It’s refreshing to see new ideas build into our courses,” Mr. Zilli said. “I know that as we continue to work to support our staff that even better things are ahead.” 

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