Wrapping Up Winter Sports

by Leah Kaylor

GS students are preparing to grind out what is left of the winter sports season.

Boys’ Hockey    

Members of the Boys’ hockey team pose for a portrait. Photo submitted by: Noah Outly

The GS boys’ hockey team now holds a record of 13-2, with their minds set on playoffs.  

The team put in work on and off the ice by continuing to play as a team, but they also made it a priority to bond outside games and practice. 

“The most memorable thing to come out of this season is how well we played, and all of the wins we achieved,” Outly said. “After our first loss, we all came together to take accountability and discuss what we could do better individually or as a team.” 

The boys took a loss and used it as motivation to keep their heads up every game, as well as for the practices. Practices weren’t a blow off to them; they took them seriously and used them to benefit themselves. 

“The team has had a super successful season and I see more beyond this one,” Athletic Director Mr. Frank Sundry said. 

The GS hockey team had a boost in confidence this season; their ability to play and perform this season improved, which showed on the ice. 

“This year is the first year we’ve had the most players selected for the All-Stars Game,” Outly said. 

Carter Cherok, Tristan Gonzales, Colten Humphrey, Chase Kushner, Landon Morrison, Noah Outly, Sam Spigarelli, Dylan Swierczynski and Owen Tutich were all chosen to play in the 2023 PIHL All-Star Game.  

  Girls’ Swim 

James Hugus and Emily Lehman after a swim meet. Photo submitted by: Emily Lehman

The girls’ swim team has had a successful season so far, and has shown off their hard work in the pool. 

“Overall, we had a good season and have built relationships, which has helped our performance in the water,” junior Emily Lehman said. 

This year, the girls have focused on start times and turns. They prepared for this season by bonding and putting work into their preseason.  

“We brought in some GCC swimmers, which enhanced what we could do in the pool,” Mr. Sundry said. “They have had a pretty successful season so far and they’re a young team, so I look for more successful future seasons.” 

The Girls’ team had some new faces this season which benefited them as a whole. 

“Focusing mentally and having a better attitude is how we could improve overall,” Lehman said. 

The team not only was dedicated to their performance, but to their team as well. They were a family and continued to support each other throughout the season. 

“Even if we lose as a team, there is always a positive coming out of it like going out to eat after,” she said. “We don’t think of it has a loss but rather something to improve on.” 

Boys’ Swim 

A loss never took away from the Boys’ swim team’s ability to perform individually and as a team. 

“I’m sad to see our seniors go because I looked up to them and they set an example for not just me but all of us,” sophomore James Hugus said. 

The team was a supportive environment; they were there for each other, which helped their performance in the water. 

“The boys’ numbers are up, and we have two seniors leaving us, Donald Dunmire and Ethan Telford, who showed leadership for the team,” Sundry said. 

The boys worked to build up strength by conditioning before the season started. Practice consisted of 4,000 yards worth of swimming daily. 

Girls’ Basketball 

Paytan Henry prepares for the rebound. Photo submitted by: Paytan Henry

The GS Lady Lions are wrapping up their season with playoffs on their mind. 

“We started off the season with a winning record, “senior Paytan Henry said. “We prepared by drills and stretching every practice.” 

The girls currently have a record of 13-7 with a section record of 5-5. 

“Anytime there was a loss, we went into practice watching how we played, and addressed what happened to work on fixing it,” Henry said.  

They won as a team and took a loss as a team. The girls kept their heads high no matter what the outcome was; it was always a win getting to play together.  

“We’ve had a good season, and a good team,” she said. “It’s going to be hard to leave because it’s been a really good team to be on,” 

  Henry will be continuing her basketball career at Juniata College.  

“The girls came out and surprised a lot of people this season with their early successes,” Sundry said. “I’m proud of how they are playing after losing Abby Mankins, but they have answered the bell and I see a lot of successes coming in February and March.” 

The girls have continued to give their all in pursuing every game. There is never a dull moment on the court when they are all playing as a team. 

Boys’ Basketball  

Members of the Boys’ Basketball Team warm up before their game with Ringgold. Photo submitted by: Julian Stevens

The GS students continue to support and motivate our Boys’ basketball team, while they continue to develop towards their full potential. 

“The Hempfield Game at home was my favorite memory because of the fun environment around us,” junior Julian Stevens said. 

The student section made it a priority to be there in the stands to support the team. 

“Our games consisted of a lot of mental focus,” Stevens said. “We made bonding a priority this season.” 

Stevens tries to focus during his games and keep his mindset strong. 

“We could always work towards getting better by focusing on scoring,“ he said. “If we had a loss, it was as a team, and we talked about it as a team.” 

The boys currently have a record of 5-15 with a section record of 1-7. 

“Changes are happening with the new Head Coach Cameron Auld, where I can see improving weekly in our players,“ Sundry said. “With strong work in the summer and fall, I see some eye-opening things coming next winter.” 

The boys have continued to improve weekly and do not take this for granted. They know there is always room for improvement and never settle when there is more work to be done. 

“The seniors leaving this year is definitely going to be hard because of everything they did for me,” Stevens said. “I just hope to make it fun our last few games with them.” 

Boys’ Bowling 

GS bowling team holds the Penn-Ohio championship trophy. Photo submitted by: Katie Frick

The GS Boys’ bowling team is looking forward to making it to states and possibly nationals after their successful season.  

“Having a better attitude and positive mindset can help us improve,” sophomore Sammie Demine said. 

The bowling team currently has a record of 5-3 with sectionals coming up. 

“The bowling team is annually one of our most successful teams, and they are continuing to show up and win,” Sundry said. 

The boys practiced at Main Bowling Center 3-5 times a week. 

“To prepare for this season we practiced as a team and on our own time,” Demine said. “A memorable thing for us this season was winning a tournament at North Versailles.” 

The team focused on drills such as footwork, with initial spare practice on their own time. 

“Overall, we’ve had a good season, but it will be tough and hurt us when our seniors leave,” Demine said. “Our captain, Luke Shevchik, was a role model for me, and I looked up to him.” 

Girls’ Bowling 

Girls bowling team. Photo submitted by: Katie Frick

The GS Girls’ bowling team qualified for the WPIBL team tournament with two qualifiers, junior Shelby Frick and senior Raeann Record for the single sectionals.  

“To prepare for this season, I took the time during the summer to go out and bowl more than four times a week,” Frick said. 

Frick focused on her form when she practiced, and she also worked on learning more about the equipment she uses when bowling.   

“As a team, I think we did amazing this season,” she said. “I personally could have focused on my mindset, and not getting in my head as much.” 

Frick took a loss as “new game, new frame,” meaning the past is behind us, and we can focus on the future to win.” 

“There were two qualifiers for the individual tournament, which is one of the successes I have seen this season,” Sundry said.  

The Girls’ bowling team currently has a record of 5-3. 

“I have had fun season with my team, and I plan on seeing us make it the whole way to nationals,” Frick said.  

Boys’ Wrestling 

Kaidyn Gonder gets ready to take down his opponent from Derry. Photo submitted by: Kaidyn Gonder

The Boys’ wrestling team started off their practices strong. They focused on warming up and drills they specifically needed to be prepared for any upcoming match. 

“We started off this season weak, but we really came back together,” senior Kaidyn Gonder said.  

Gonder focused on his mindset during his last season. He focused on his ability to perform and in doing so he continued to succeed. 

“We went into every match with a mindset to win because if you don’t think you can win, then you won’t,” he said.  

They used all their drills and methods on and off the mat. They worked on the intensity of drills and techniques to improve for every match.  

“I feel like I had to push myself this season to achieve the goals I set,” he said. “I pushed to set an example for our younger wrestlers.” 

The team lifted in preparation for this season, and came in prepared with a positive mindset. 

“Any loss we were faced with we learned from and applied what we learned to the next match,” Gonder said. 

The boys have an upcoming individual section tournament February 18th

“Wrestling is historically one of our most successful programs,” Mr. Sundry said. “We have a young team and I’ve seen significant growth.”  

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