NHS Students Continue Non-Traditional Fundraiser

by Theresa Schuetz

Matchomatics results await being passed out to those who purchased them. Photo by: Theresa Schuetz

February’s here, bringing with it Matchomatics, the National Honors Society’s fundraiser to uplift the month. 

Physics teacher and NHS advisor Mrs. Cheryl Harper supervises Matchomatics each year to bring students together and raise money for the NHS. 

“We needed a fundraiser, we didn’t want to go door to door and sell stuff, and it was fun for people to see some different names,” Mrs. Harper said. 

The Matchomatics is a nontraditional fundraiser aimed at bringing students together. 

“I think it was designed as a fun way to fundraise and bring the school together,” senior Sejah Franklin said. 

  Harper and Franklin weren’t the only ones to get Matchomatics together; they had help from fellow seniors Brianna Campagna, Cailey Craig and Emily King. 

“I assisted in reviewing each form from each advisory to make sure each student filled it out correctly, Such as name in the right spot and bubbles filled in completely,” King said. 

Matchomatics takes in answers and matches them with someone else’s to see how many questions were answered similarly. 

“The company takes those and figures out a percentage of how many questions were answered the same,” Harper said.  

The percentage matched with someone determines compatibility with another person. The back of matchomatics brings in your birthday in relation to your peers, your zodiac, and your birthstone. Matchomatics aims to interest many different people and attempts to introduce you to peers you may have yet to think of connecting with. 

“I think it’s used for building connections,” junior Avaya Postlethwait said.  

Matchomatics are on sale February 8th, 9th and 10th for only $2. 

“I think people should buy them because they are really fun to look at and it’s honestly fun to see what friends you’re compatible with,” Franklin said. 

The Matchomatics results include information about a variety of subjects. Photo by: Theresa Schuetz

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