Go With the Flow

by Leah Kaylor

Rubee Stillwagon accompanied by Sophia Demorest at the sams club fundraiser for feminine products. Photo submitted by: Tiffany Smietana-Lysell

Freshman Rubee Stillwagon raised $11,000 and filled countless carts with feminine hygiene products for the Blackburn Center. 

“I wanted to help women in need who aren’t as fortunate as us, and who don’t have these everyday resources we can go out and get,” Stillwagon said.  

Located in Greensburg the Blackburn Center, is an organization that provides services for victims of domestic or sexual violence. 

“My goal was $6,000 and right now we have a total of $11,000 which is well beyond my initial goal,” she said. 

Stillwagon held an event at the Greensburg Sam’s Club where she collected feminine products such as tampons, pads, diva cups, feminine wipes and money. 

“I did a lot of research about the Blackburn Center and what they were looking for,” she said. “A lot of things such as deodorant, tooth paste and hair products were donated, but I feel like people forgot necessary menstrual products.” 

Stillwagon reached out to companies such as First Quality, who is donating feminine products, and a staffing agency who donated $1,000.  

“It’s amazing for her to do something like this all by herself,” sophomore Karma Schall said. “It’s such an amazing thing to see.” 

The FCCLA club was in total support of her idea and was willing to do whatever Stillwagon needed.  

“I’m very proud of her for doing something like this because it is such an amazing cause,” sophomore Emily Ruggieri said. 

Stillwagon is looking to continue to do more to help the Blackburn Center.  

“I think it’s a wonderful thing that Rubee is only 15 and is assisting women in the community,” FCCLA sponsor Mrs. Tiffany Smietana-Lysell said.  

Mrs. Smietana-Lysell is very proud of Stillwagon’s accomplishments and hopes she inspires others within the community.  

“It’s amazing that she is so passionate about this, and I was very supportive when she presented it to the school board,” High School Co-Principal Mr. Adam Jones said.  

Mr. Jones hopes for more projects like this that help connect people throughout the community and that make a difference in someone’s life. 

“I love to see student led projects and ones that give back to the community,” Mr. Jones said. 

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