GS Holocaust Electives First DC Trip

by Theresa Schuetz

Holocaust museums hall of remembrance. Photo by: Theresa Schuetz

Mr. Matthew Boe’s Holocaust elective, along with Mr. Jeremy Lenzi’s AP Language and Composition class went to DC’s Holocaust Museum Friday, February 24th in order to learn more about the 13 million lives lost during the Holocaust. 

Students who attended the DC trip went mainly to the Holocaust Museum, however the field trip offered plenty of freedom in the first half of the day which captivated many students who attended. 

“I’m excited to have relatively free reign over what I can do, and what I get to see; in field trips in the past we didn’t really get to do that,” junior Emily Lehman said. 

After the freedom in the morning and the students enjoyed time walking around with their friends, they then met back up after lunch at the Holocaust Museum. 

“We’ll all meet up after lunch and all are required to go to the Holocaust Museum,” Mr. Boe said. 

The basis of the field trip is the Holocaust Museum and its effect on history as a whole. Boe’s hope for this field trip is to open eyes to the horrors of the Holocaust and understand the unsettling reality for people during that time frame. 

“To use resources outside of the classroom can only, in my opinion, help(s) students relate better,” he said. 

People who are in Mr. Lenzi’s AP Lang and Comp class were excited to be able to learn more about artifacts and pieces of history that hold a significant meaning to the Holocaust.  

“I think the Holocaust Museum has a lot in it I can learn about,” junior Thomas King said. 

This trip included students from either class. However, it was also opened to people outside of those classes. After outsiders were allowed to join the field trip many thought it sounded interesting or had friends going and came along. 

  “It seemed like a really cool experience and a lot of my friends are going so I thought it’d be fun,” sophomore Anna Spigarelli said.  

The reason that the spots were offered to students outside of the Holocaust elective and AP lang and comp were due to keeping prices for the trip down. 

“If we weren’t to take those 10 additional students the price for our other students would increase,” Boe said. 

This is the first year this trip is offered from taking the Holocaust class, and hopefully, it’s not the last. 

“We have not, we have tried to, but this is only our third year working with the Holocaust course,” Boe said. “So it’s still in its infancy.” 

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