Free Prom Dresses Available

by Theresa Schuetz

One of the two free prom dress events outside of Mr. Christopher Gazzes room. Photo by: Theresa Schuetz

GS threads is a school project that collects lightly used clothes and shoes and puts them up in the hallway for students to take home. 

This school “thrift shop” was started in 2019 by Mrs. Cheryl Harper and a few students to help people save money and maybe not throw away as many clothes. 

“We saw a lot of things like prom gowns or dance dresses that were not being used again and a lot of clothes that people didn’t know what to do with,” Mrs. Harper said. 

GS threads have had prom dresses available in previous years and hope to have more in years to come. This year four dresses were available, however, they were quickly snatched. 

“They’re still brand new because the girls wear them one time and that’s it, so it’s really nice if you can do that,” senior Ashley Smith said. 

With the price of prom dresses averaging from $85 to $700, according to, GS has promoted some events to help lessen the blow prom has on your wallet. 

“I think it’s a great program for girls who maybe don’t have the time or money or the resources to go out and buy a dress,” senior Kayla Wright said. 

Mr. Christopher Gazze is the teacher who’s promoting the events for free prom dresses that could really help someone who isn’t able to afford a prom dress.   

“To me it seems like everyone feels the need to buy an expensive new dress, and that’s maybe the mentality, but a prom dress is used pretty much one time so if you have a chance to get a really nice dress for free why not?” Mr. Gazze said. 

There are two events being promoted throughout the school where students are able to get free prom dresses; one is being held by Simply Pink from March 13th to the 17th. The other event is being held by Bless a Dress, which will be held at Pittsburgh Indoor Sports Arena from March 30th to April 1st.  

“It’s a no-risk thing, you get to go down and if you don’t like anything then you tried,” Gazze said. “So I hope some people take advantage of it, I think it’s better than spending $600 to $700 on a dress.” 

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