New Spring Coaches

by Leah Kaylor

New Baseball coach Mr. Anthony Manley. Photo by: Leah Kaylor

Spring sports have begun to take off, welcoming two new faces and a new season of opportunities.   

GS welcomes new Head Baseball Coach Mr. Anthony Manley, who is planning to add a different perspective and more energy to the team.  

“Our goal this season is to win the section title,” Mr. Manley said. “I had a lot of role models growing up who were my coaches when I played baseball, and I just want to give back to the kids and prepare them for a good season.” 

Manley has been coaching baseball for six years as an assistant, alongside Mr. Bill Wisniewski, the previous Head Baseball Coach.  

“Mr. Manley was an assistant coach in the past and he did a good job, so I’m looking forward to working with him again,” junior Noah DeMary said.  

DeMary is looking to go all the way this season, with the new playbooks and more structured practices.  

“Manley brings years of experience being an alumnus here at GS, and playing Division 1 baseball at Duquesne University,” Athletic Director Mr. Frank Sundry said. “He has built a good staff around him, allowing the kids to have different perspectives and mindsets.” 

Manley made it a priority to focus on the off season, and to bring a new level of expertise as well as a new approach.  

“Coach Manley will have the kids prepared for this season by focusing on specific aspects such as pitching and hitting,” Mr. Sundry said.  

New Track and Field sprints coach Mr. Scott Steel. Photo by: Leah Kaylor.

GS also welcomes Mr. Scott Steel, a new track and field coach, who is taking the place of the previous sprint and hurdles coach, Mr. Jeremy Lenzi. 

“Coaching was something I’ve wanted to do since I ran track and knowing the other head coaches as well,” Mr. Steel said.  

Steel is an alumnus from GS; he placed 4th in the state for hurdles as a senior, and 2nd in the WPIAL. 

“I hope to see a foundation as a team,” Steel said. “I want to see the kids progress every year, and push them further along.” 

Steel hopes to bring his experience to the kids, and push them to reach goals, such as new PRs. 

“I like Mr. Steel, he seems to know what he is doing, and we are all still getting to know each other,” sophomore Taylor Dale said.  

Dale has a good feeling about this season with Mr. Steel’s new approaches and technique.  

“I’ve had a good experience with him so far because I think he’s really upbeat and fun,” Dale said.  

Dale is confident for this season with a new mindset and is excited to see what Steel continues to bring to the team. 

“Mr. Steel is bringing a lot of experience, knowledge and technique that the team needs to be successful,” Sundry said. “He has a history of sprinting and hurdling here at GS, where he did very well.” 

Steel wants to bring progression to every practice as well as a desire to want to perform better. 

“We are happy with his performance so far with his different approaches in training, and he continues to get to know the kids on a personal level,” Sundry said.  

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